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X-SPEDition (October 2023)

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Date : 26 October 2023
Time : 9 am to 1 pm
Venue : The Barn, Tamarind Square

Our students have been exposed with music theme in October so for the outdoor trip this month, we’ve brought them to The Barn, Tamarind Square to experience a real music performance. We’ve invited a drum instructor to teach our students some basic steps in drum play.

Students were given a music equipment each such as drum, tambourine and shaker and they can change it with their peers so that they will get a chance to play all music equipments given. All students were doing great and give a good cooperation by sitting in a group and follow instructor’s instructions.

Our students were having so much fun and they seem to enjoy the music performance so much. We are looking forward for our next month X-SPEDition program with all of the Playhouse students.

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